Daybreak Upland Lettie

"Our Setters"
Lettie's Pedigree

Lettie is our sweet orange Belton female.  

Lettie has produced some wondeful pups for us, and is one of the sweetest dogs in the family.

Lettie loves everyone, and will  get along great with any of the dogs, young or old. She is a wonderful mother and great companion. 

 Great personality, beautiful face, and very fond of playing with the kids, she has completed her intermediate obedience training, having been skipped over beginner obedience by our trainer.  Miss smarty pants!  Lettie has an outstanding nose for birds, and nothing gets past her!   I have watched her dig through mounds of junk under a bed to find a single piece of cereal!!

She is gentle and intelligent.  Several  of Lettie's  pups have become  therapy dogs. We are very proud of Lettie,  she is a treasure!

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